When : 21 November at 19:30–00:00 , Where : The XwwX Gallery East Street , Southampton

Our latest exhibition and the last of the Shape-shifter Tour this year took place at the XwwX Gallery presenting a show on the theme of technological dystopia. Exploring genetics, androids,bionics, and alternative industrial evolutionary state through an extensive array of mediums including: Sculpture, moving image, print, fine art and music. Featuring artists Coalescence-Collective Scrapmetal-artworks, Tom Sibbick, VJKC, Artsim, XWWX, Through the broken looking glass and many more.
Hosting also  Southampton Electronic Music Society (SEMSU)  through the night, the first party of a new underground techno revival in the city with…
Brendan Clarke [bctracks] LIVE Greenen, Locomotive, Tone Rotation
droid decimation

Droid decimation XwwX gallery

xwwx droid decimation exhibition xwwx-gallery-southamptonxwwx gallery exhibition in Southampton work by Coalescence Collective DELORES work by Coalescence Collective

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