21st century art exhibition southamptonConstant war and human genocide, famine has gotten to all new records world wide, companies seem to have bought their way in to government, market crash over market crash, nuclear meltdown and tsunamis and worst of all … the kardashians. If all that is not enough to put you in a state of fear then all the doom prophets, planets and ancient Gods surely will.

But It’s not all bad. We also happen to live in a time when all possibilities have a probability. The invention of the internet has allowed people of all sort to communicate, cooperate, discover and create in a manor never before heard of. Artists are in full flourish, mathematicians have changed the face of our world and biology and engineering have started to erase borders.

Hopes to all our problems are being promised by bio engineering, nano technology and the possibility of extra terrestrial mining. Patents for perpetual motion generators are sprouting up like mushrooms after rain and Nuclear Fusion is a thing now.

 Yet the most important factors to consider, and possibly the most sublime, are the changes happening within us.

 The 21st Century Exhibition is not about the future, nor the past. It is about the present moment. It is targeted at where we are, in this time and space, as a society and individuals.


Artsim 21st century exhibitioncraig coull Artist 21st century exhibiton 21st century exhibiton 2

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