10 Days Creative Collisions: Totem

Art and science are transformed to launch 10 days Creative Collisions

Reaching a height of 3.5 metres, ‘Totem’ is a giant new artwork that has just been installed to launch the city’s biennial 10 days visual arts event which opens on 25th October. Using 46 interlocking colourful panels this 3D figurative form was inspired by the history of Winchester, its Cathedral and the medieval book, ‘Liber de Hyda’ as well as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN ,Switzerland and CERN’s TOTEM project, from which the artwork gets its name. Inspired by the familiar children’s models made from interlocking sheets of balsa wood, typically in the shape of dinosaurs and insects, ‘Totem’ uses digital technologies to scale up shapes and imagery and create a fantastical hybrid which is as fun and playful as it is experimental. totem at the DC


10 days | Winchester | Creative Collisions is a partnership with Unbrella Winchester and is supported by Arts Council England, Winchester Cathedral, Art and Sacred Place, Winchester City Coucil, Hampshire County Council, University of Winchester, University of Southampton, Winchester BID, Drawing place and the Institute of Physics South West. For more information go to www.10daywinchester.org

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