Blue Print Concept

imageAmerican god

Mecha mothra

Heart of Heritage

For 8 days in September, to coincide with National Heritage Open Days the historic St Denys Church will host our ‘HeArt of Heritage’ Art Culture event in its buildings and groundsimageDuring the week you can expect to see a collaboration of local artists, celebrating the vibrant abundance of the many art forms in Southampton.

South West Trains Commission at Wimbledon Train Station

Commission for Wimbledon’s train station using exclusively train tickets.

wimbledon train station


21st century art exhibition southamptonConstant war and human genocide, famine has gotten to all new records world wide, companies seem to have bought their way in to government, market crash over market crash, nuclear meltdown and tsunamis and worst of all … the kardashians. If all that is not enough to put you in a state of fear then all the doom prophets, planets and ancient Gods surely will.

But It’s not all bad. We also happen to live in a time when all possibilities have a probability. The invention of the internet has allowed people of all sort to communicate, cooperate, discover and create in a manor never before heard of. Artists are in full flourish, mathematicians have changed the face of our world and biology and engineering have started to erase borders.

Hopes to all our problems are being promised by bio engineering, nano technology and the possibility of extra terrestrial mining. Patents for perpetual motion generators are sprouting up like mushrooms after rain and Nuclear Fusion is a thing now.

 Yet the most important factors to consider, and possibly the most sublime, are the changes happening within us.

 The 21st Century Exhibition is not about the future, nor the past. It is about the present moment. It is targeted at where we are, in this time and space, as a society and individuals.


Artsim 21st century exhibitioncraig coull Artist 21st century exhibiton 21st century exhibiton 2

TRex 3d Concept

This is a proposal design for an exhibition at the Winchester Discovery Centre in 2015


Abri_CollectConnect collect connect

We were invited to contribute a model for the forthcoming Dwell exhibition and book publication.




When : 21 November at 19:30–00:00 , Where : The XwwX Gallery East Street , Southampton

Our latest exhibition and the last of the Shape-shifter Tour this year took place at the XwwX Gallery presenting a show on the theme of technological dystopia. Exploring genetics, androids,bionics, and alternative industrial evolutionary state through an extensive array of mediums including: Sculpture, moving image, print, fine art and music. Featuring artists Coalescence-Collective Scrapmetal-artworks, Tom Sibbick, VJKC, Artsim, XWWX, Through the broken looking glass and many more.
Hosting also  Southampton Electronic Music Society (SEMSU)  through the night, the first party of a new underground techno revival in the city with…
Brendan Clarke [bctracks] LIVE Greenen, Locomotive, Tone Rotation
droid decimation

Droid decimation XwwX gallery

xwwx droid decimation exhibition xwwx-gallery-southamptonxwwx gallery exhibition in Southampton work by Coalescence Collective DELORES work by Coalescence Collective

Artsim presentation at the Tec Hub in Eastleigh

We have been invited to present at work at the Tec Hub in Eastleigh on the 25th of Sept. The transformer piece previously exhibited at the Point has also been transfered at the Hub for a few more weeks!

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Artsim Presentation

We recently Produced a presentation in Pdf format for a pitch in Bournemouth to showcase our skills , interests and inspirations.

public art sim

New Transformer decal sheet

digital art exhibition HampshireWorking on our new exhibition at the Point in Eastleigh. Some bits are a continuation of the graphics we have used in the past but we wanted to introduce more game inspired details such as an N64 controller…

xwwx-gallery-skull-voodoo Zelda-N64-Controller-art Decal-robot-digital-art digitalart-Southampton-heads

Duet exhibition At Quay arts

ian Kirkpatrick

10 days Creative Collisions

LAUNCH OF 10days

Starting with a press launch at the Discovery Centre at 9am we are using the opportunity of our two works being installed – one at the Discovery Centre and one at the Science Centre to launch our press campaign in a big way- its a photo opportunity and a chance for a few words.
Photograph Dave Gibbons
10 Days WinchesterPhotograph Dave Gibbons10 days at intech winchester